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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to be in a couple to attend a course?
    No! Some of the women I teach are single parents and come alone. For others, their partners don't want to attend so they come on their own. A birth partner can be anyone as long as they make you feel safe and are a good advocator for you. This could be your partner, husband, mother, sister, friend, anyone! Whilst most birth partners also attend the course (and find it incredibly useful) it is perfectly acceptable to come alone should your circumstances not allow for this.
  • When should I do a course?
    You are welcome to attend a course at anytime during your pregnancy. Most expectant parents attend somewhere between 20 and 30 weeks and I have even taught parents in their last weeks of pregnancy. I would advise starting earlier rather than later though so that you can enjoy the benefits of hypnobirthing during your pregnancy as well as at the birth. The parctice you do around the course is also what will help you to achieve a deep sense of calm and relaxation during birth.
  • Will I be hypnotised?
    No! Hypnobirthing gets it's roots from hypnotherapy and works by utilising the power of the mind to relax the body. Whilst some mothers are able to achieve a deep state of relaxation during birth, this is quite different from the kind of stage hypnosis you are more likely to be familiar with.
  • I have been told my baby is back-to-back / breech / I am a high-risk mother / I am going to have a c-section... can I still use hypnobirthing?
    Yes! Hypnobirthing is for ALL women and ALL births. We cover all the evidence-based information you need to make informed choices about birth and provide all our mothers with the knoweldge and tools they need to have a positive birth experience. Whether you birth naturally, are induced, or have a c-section, whether your baby is in the head down, back-to-back or breech position. Hypnobirthing can help you to feel calmer, more in control and more prepared, however your baby's birth pans out.
  • I have read a hypnobirthing book, do I need to do a course as well?
    Every birth person is different. For some mothers, reading a book and listening to affirmations are enough, whilst for others it isn't. The trouble is, you don't really know which person you are until you are in labour! I would highly recommend a course as it goes much deeper than the book alone plus you have the added benefits of asking questions, connecting with other parents and receiving ongoing support.

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