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Mind and Body Birthing
Hypnobirthing Classes


Why choose Mind and Body Birthing?

With a Mind and Body Birthing hypnobirthing course you'll be supported every step of the way from understanding your birth journey to planning the kind of birth that's right for you. 

This logical and empowering course will arm you with all the knowledge, tools and techniques to help you as you gain confidence and prepare for birth as a calm, beautiful, amazing experience.

Book Your Hypnobirthing Course

I would love to support you and your birth partner as you prepare for the birth of your baby. Find out more about the different ways you can work with me and let's get you ready for birth. 

What you'll learn on a hypnobirthing course with Gemma

Whether this is your first time giving birth, or you’ve had a challenging experience in the past, my classes are here to offer you all the support, guidance and information you need to feel

fully prepared for birth

All of Mind and Body Birthing’s hypnobirthing classes will teach you:

Effective ways to release fear, gain confidence and develop positive associations to birth

How the mind and body work together for a calm, and efficient labour

The science of birth - what happens to your body during labour and birth

Breathing, deep relaxation, and visualisation techniques

Your birth choices and how to make informed decisions about the kind of birth that's right for you

How to avoid the fear-tension-pain cycle and maximise your comfort levels during labour 

Support with writing your birth plans 

The importance of your birth partner and their role

How to prepare for a gentle Cesarean birth

How to prepare for a positive induction of labour

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"The Mind and Body Birthing course was one of the best decisions we made in the lead up to the birth of our daughter. 


It helped us to reframe fears and anxieties into a more positive and calm mindset. The course makes you feel so informed about the physiology of birth as well as empowering you to be confident in asserting what you want from your labour.

It reinforces that labour is a natural process and that your body (and baby) know best.  The focus on this and on relaxation being key to an efficient and positive labour - *might* have had something to do with me arriving at hospital already 10cm dilated (having spent the early hours of the morning relaxing at home with my positive affirmations) and taking only 30 minutes to then deliver our daughter!


Thank you Gemma for being such a positive part of our pregnancy!"

Helen & Russell

Stavanger, Norway

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