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Meet Gemma, Founder of Mind and Body Birthing

Hypnobirthing, Benefits Of A Positive Birth Experience, Positive Birth Experience, About Hypnobirthing, Basics Of Hypnobirthing

My passion is supporting women like you to feel prepared, calm and confident about birth

Hello! I'm Gemma Bowers, an experienced hypnobirthing teacher, mum of two and founder of Mind and Body Birthing. 

From navigating your birth journey to planning the kind of birth that's right for you, I am here to offer my expertise, guidance and support to you and your birth partner as you prepare for the birth of your baby. 


Whether you're looking to overcome feelings of fear or anxiety towards birth or you’re simply looking for ways to have a positive and relaxed experience, my complete birth preparation courses offer a fun and engaging way to learn about birth as part of a supportive and caring community. 

Hello! I’m Gemma Bowers and this is my story…

In 2019 I discovered that I was pregnant. As a first time mum, I remember spending those early months increasingly thinking about what giving birth was going to be like. As my bump began to grow, so too did my thoughts (and fears!) about how my baby would actually get out! You see, my belief in birth had been shaped by the many stories I’d heard and movies I’d seen that conveyed a clear and terrifying message to me — giving birth was going to be painful.


It was something you had to “get through” and “get done” and not something you were likely to enjoy. That was until along came a different perspective. I had a friend who talked about giving birth as the most amazing day of her life. And what was it that she said led her to this inspiring experience? Hypnobirthing.

With an open mind (hypno-what?!) and a bit of researching, I soon found a hypnobirthing course that felt right for me. I signed up, took the classes, did the practice and am forever thankful that I did. I went on to experience the most incredible birth. It was calm, empowering and left me feeling in awe of what my body could do. 

I knew there was no way I would have had such a positive birth experience without hypnobirthing.

I couldn't wait to tell all my pregnant friends and family about the power of hypnobirthing. I literally could not stop raving about it!

A year later, we moved to Norway and I decided I wanted to change from my career as a primary school teacher and instead re-train as a hypnobirthing teacher. I wanted to be able to share my love and passion for this amazing birth preparation with as many women as possible, so that they too could experience the birth of their babies as the most positive and empowering day of their lives. 

Hypnobirthing, Benefits Of A Positive Birth Experience, Positive Birth Experience, About Hypnobirthing, Basics Of Hypnobirthing

Gemma Bowers

Hypnobirthing Teacher & founder of

Mind and Body Birthing

With that in mind, I completed my hypnobirthing teacher training and am proud to be a fully certified hypnobirthing teacher. I have always been committed to continuing to grow and develop my professional skills and so in 2022 I invested in further hypnobirthing teacher training to expand my skills and ensure my courses fully prepare expectant parents for birth in both an informative and engaging way. 

Love your birth with hypnobirthing

Giving birth is really one of the most special and important things you will ever do. Imagine loving your birth experience. Imagine the benefits a calm birth will have not only on your experience and on your recovery, but also on your baby as well. Imagine how connected to your body, your baby and your birth partner birth can make you feel. Imagine creating everlasting memories of a truly positive and empowering birth.


Birth matters and therefore the preparation you do for birth matters too. 

As a Brit living abroad for the last 10+ years, I understand first-hand some of the unique challenges that come along with being a pregnant expat in a foreign country. This is why the hypnobirthing classes I teach are also available online so you can access the power of hypnobirthing and transform your birth from wherever you live in the world. 

Don't leave having a positive birth up to chance. Get informed, get empowered and get ready for a birth you'll love with hypnobirthing. 

Hypnobirthing, Benefits Of A Positive Birth Experience, Positive Birth Experience, About Hypnobirthing, Basics Of Hypnobirthing

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